Thursday, 13 November 2014

Community Writing Piece

A community writing piece written by Room 4 Students.

Title: “Christmas Wrapped Cats”


Once upon a time there was a cat named Nuke. Nuke decided to invite all of his kitty cat friends over to his house on Mars. His house was a big washroom. It was Nukes annual Christmas party. He holds it every year, for twenty-five generations. Nuke decided to decorate his home for his big bash. He decorates his large bathroom with several Christmas lights. Nuke had a separate room, and that room was filled with kitty litter. All the cats decided to have the dance party in the litter box. They partied and danced and threw around balls of yarn.
Then danger had begun.


There was some drama at the cat party. Two of the cats were starting to fight over the strawberry flavoured cat treats. UH OH! The neighbours heard some loud BANGS, and CRASHES, and tables being flipped over! The neighbours decide to call…..wait for it….THE CBI (cat bereau of investigations). The CBI kitty (his name was General Mcgee) went into the party with a Christmas light gun. General Mcgee went searching for Nuke inside of the party. Once inside the kitty litterbox, General Mcgee saw Nuke and passed out due to the horrible smell. Backup was worried for General Mcgee, and decided to run into the home and shoot Nuke with their Christmas light guns. The backup team were all wearing gas masks to protect themselves from the horrible stench.


The rest of the cats were so embarrassed that they ran out of the party. The CBI captured all of the cats who did not escape. The CBI took the cats into their vehicles to be taken for questioning. As Nuke was being dragged from his home… He looked towards the neighbours yard. Who did he see? Black and Yellow KITTY….. Who was supposed to be in jail for 5 years. It was actually black and yellow kitty who had thrown fire-crackers at the home, to start the loud noises and who called the CBI. General Mcgee woke up from the smell and ran out of the litterbox. When General Mcgee was out of the house he looked over and saw Black and Yellow kitty. The general arrested Black and Yellow kitty, and he sentenced her to 15 years of jail…DUN DUN DUN…..TO BE CONTINUED…

Room 4 Students

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