Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day!!

Having our Valentines Day treats! Thanks to everyone who brought in the goodies!

The beautiful craft we made with Mrs.Janz <3

Here are the pictures we took with Ms.Long... We kept it a secret from family until Valentines Day! We hope they like it :)

Our card and goodie bags!

Distributing our cards. 

Happy- happy - hearts game in room 8!

Dear rm.8 families. I had a wonderful time in room 8. Thank you!

Valentines Day special guest reader!

Thank you for coming, we really enjoyed this book:)!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Paper product

Our final product. We are very proud of ourselves.

Keeping it sunny in room 8

Our friend came back from Hawaii, and taught us how to Hula dance!

Our friend told us about a Hawaiian Luau. A celebration and feast with entertainment. Sometimes these Luaus use traditional Hawaiian music and hula. We found some beautiful Hawaiian music and danced to the beat. We then used GoogleMaps to find beautiful places in Hawaii. The pictures made us feel very warm on such a cold day. 

Kids In the Know

Today Mrs. Macdonell came to talk to our class and present, "Kids in the Know". 
It is important for children to identify an adult in their lives that they can go to for help if they need. Children need to know who to tell if something happens such as abuse (of any kind). Mrs. Macdonell helped us identify adults that we can go to for help. 

We were introduced to lessons on feelings as a promotion for self-awareness. We discussed how we feel in certain situations, how to express our feelings, and how to recognize feelings in others! 
Want to know a little more in order to discuss this at home? See the link below.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Presentation time

Stars of the week! 

Countdown to Valentines Day...

New discovery centres! 

Making Valentines cards for family and loved ones. 

Writing our lists of love. What do we love?

"Cookies, roses, love, friends, decorations, and Dad".

How big are our hearts? 

Special guest reader

Thanks to our very special reader this morning! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Making predictions

Here we are identifying the kinds of paper found in our classroom, and in our homes.
First we compared and contrasted different types of paper.

Is the paper rough? Is it soft? Will it absorb water, or will water simply drip off?

We looked at all sorts of paper products!

We felt each type of paper to see if it was soft, rough, thin, thick, or pliable.

Will all types of paper soak up water? 

We all made predictions... Then we tested our predictions to see if we were right. We made very clever observations about paper that was absorbant, and paper that was not. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014